Mis-Sold Pension Claim Specialists

Pensions Refund Specialists (PRS) is a regulated claims management company operating in the mis-sold pensions industry.

Pensions Refund Specialists is approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority(FRN 910611) and has just gone through the recent, updated and very strict, authorisation process with the FCA.

At PRS we understand that business is about people and, for us, honesty and trust is a prerequisite not an aspiration. With that in mind, PRS would like to inform you that you do not have to use PRS or that of any other claims management company to make your claim. You can go direct to the Financial Ombudsman, the Pensions Ombudsman or direct to the company or individual who may have mis-sold you the service/product and proceed with the claim yourself.

PRS are your experts in seeking compensation for mis-sold pensions.

  • Did you transfer out of a final salary work pension scheme?
  • Have you received bad advice?
  • Are you worse off compared to some of your old workmates?
  • Have you been the subject of fraudulent mis-selling?

The government has acknowledged that a lot of both public sector and private sector employees had very good pensions and therefore should never have received the bad advice to transfer out of those pensions. As a result of this bad advice many people have lost thousands of pounds.

If you believe you have lost out as a result of bad advice about transferring your pension we can help.

Complete our form to start the ball rolling and in no time our friendly team will be explaining what can or cannot be done in seeking redress for your mis-sold pension.

The claim processes can be very complex, and therefore we believe that expert advice is critical to ensure that your claim has the best possible chance of success.

At PRS we use our experience and knowledge of the industry and the government claim processes to provide a strong and powerful case on behalf of you, our client.

This mis-selling scandal touched every industry and every work sector you can imagine.

So, whether you are a teacher, steelworker, shipworker, soldier, engineer, policeman, local government worker, miner, train driver and many more, get in touch with us by clicking the following link and complete a few details for a free review of your pension with one of our experienced team to see if you are eligible to claim.